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We buy and sell items related to numismatics: coins, medals and tokens, banknotes, books.
We pay for well-preserved collections in cash, at the best market rate.



We take entire or partial numismatic collections on consignment. This method ensures that you will get the best price for your objects, which will be highlighted thanks to an optimal presentation, accompanied by careful descriptions written by recognised professionals. You will also benefit from our reputation, reaching a maximum number of collectors who have trusted us for over 30 years. All the coins on consignment are presented on this website with no differentiation from our own stock, and are thus sold at the right price. This system offers the best guarantees, with clearly-defined selling prices.
To find out more about our consignment terms and conditions, click here



Avec déjà plus de 300 ventes réalisées et au rythme de quatre par an, les ventes aux enchères de la Maison Künker sont mondialement reconnues pour la solidité de leurs résultats.
En notre qualité de représentants pour la France de la Maison Künker, nous sommes votre interlocuteur privilégié pour tout objet numismatique que vous souhaiteriez confier en vue d’une prochaine vente aux enchères.
Pour tout renseignement : contact@kuenker.fr



We carry out expert evaluations in cases of inheritance or partition and for insurance purposes, etc. and we provide a detailed report for each evaluation; however, we reserve the right to refuse any expert evaluation work for simple objects devoid of any real numismatic interest or for objects of particularly low value; specifically, items “found at the bottom of a drawer”, “holiday souvenirs” or recently demonetized coins and banknotes, etc.

We charge 5% excl. VAT with a minimum of 50 € excl. VAT, to which travel expenses may be added, in the event of expert evaluations of large collections carried out on-site.

Important: no expert evaluation, estimation or identification will be provided after you have simply sent us photographs or phoned us.


Insofar as possible, we execute absentee bids that are placed with us for auctions that are held around the world.
We charge a commission of 5% inclusive of VAT, to which payment, shipping and insurance fees are added.
If we are unable to attend an auction in person, we entrust our absentee bids to a third party, such that these are executed insofar as possible, without any extra cost for our customers.
Regarding sales outside of the European Union, and for intra-community deliveries, there is an extra cost of 5.5%, corresponding to import tax. We carry out the import customs formalities free of charge for our customers and we provide an invoice in compliance with current customs legislation.



We authorise the use of our photographs for personal use, as well as for publication, as long as each reproduction is accompanied by the exact wording :
« Photograph www.poinsignon-numismatique.com ».



- We execute buy and sell orders on the stock market for coins accepted on the French market.

- Deliveries and sealing are offered at the rate of € 8 per seal.

- Our net commission rate is 2%. Handling fees are € 18 per transaction. Sales are subject to a flat capital gains tax rate of 11,5%.

- To place a market order to buy or sell coins such as Napoleon coins, Swiss Cross coins or Latin Monetary Union coins, a minimum of 25 coins is required, for 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 50 pesos and kruggerand the minimum required is 5 coins.

- The legal rules regarding anonymity apply.

Stock market transactions may only be carried out at the shop. No information, i.e. stock market prices, market trends etc. will be given over the phone.
Our selection
Coins Alsace. Strasbourg (17e siècle). 1/2 taler aux lionsCoins Alsace. Strasbourg (17e siècle). 1/2 taler aux lions
Alsace. Strasbourg (17e siècle). 1/2 taler "aux lions"
Etat de conservation:
R ! R ! Très belle patine de médailler, SUPERBE

Prix: 2,200.00 €
Coins Lorraine. Jean (1346-1390). Gros. NancyCoins Lorraine. Jean (1346-1390). Gros. Nancy
Lorraine. Jean (1346-1390). Gros. Nancy
Etat de conservation:
Rare, surtout en l'état ! Infime éclatement du flan, très belle patine, SUP

Prix: 1,400.00 €
Coins Aelius, césar (136-138). As. Rome, 137. R/: l'EspéranceCoins Aelius, césar (136-138). As. Rome, 137. R/: l'Espérance
Aelius, césar (136-138). As. Rome, 137. R/: l'Espérance
Etat de conservation:

Prix: 600.00 €
Coins Aurélien (270-275). Denier. Rome, 2e officine, début 275 - septembre 275. R/: VictoireCoins Aurélien (270-275). Denier. Rome, 2e officine, début 275 - septembre 275. R/: Victoire
Aurélien (270-275). Denier. Rome, 2e officine, début 275 - septembre 275. R/: Victoire
Etat de conservation:

Prix: 450.00 €
Coins Bactriane. Eucratides II (145-140 AC). TétradrachmeCoins Bactriane. Eucratides II (145-140 AC). Tétradrachme
Bactriane. Eucratides II (145-140 AC). Tétradrachme
Etat de conservation:
Très légère oxydation /revers, SUP

Prix: 2,800.00 €

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